How to Maintain Good Health in Fall and Winter

If the arrival of cold weather has you more frazzled than the latest Netflix thriller, then fear not: our guide is here to help.


Read on for some fantastic health advice on how to maintain your good condition in the colder months: it's simple, enjoyable, and easy to do.


Start the Day Right  

How many times have you been told that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day?" Maybe too many to count. Even though we know this, a lot of us don't make time for breakfast or grab something quick and unhealthy on our way out the door.


What's the result of not eating breakfast? You guessed it, you'll look for an unhealthy snack later in the day. But that's not all–you're also putting your immune system at risk by skipping out on one of the most important meals of the day. Consuming a nutrient-dense breakfast is key to preventing seasonal illnesses. Cook a bunch of delicious stews and soups to keep yourself healthy and warm during colder months.


Take Your Workouts Outdoors  

Taking advantage of sunny days, even in the colder months, by getting Vitamin D will help you stay healthier overall. Here's what to do each week: check the weather forecast on your phone- is there at least one day of sunshine?


If so, schedule a nice workout session for that day – and do it outside. Exercising outside gives you the advantage of getting the physical activity your body needs to stay healthy and lets you spend time in nature, taking in sunlight and fresh air. It will break the monotony of the average day, combat stress, and do wonders for your immune system.


If the weather becomes uncooperative, Liv Multifamily LivFit fitness centers are complete with free weights, interactive cardio and strength equipment, and exciting fitness classes like Zumba, Pilates, and yoga to keep residents active.


Consider Taking Supplements  

If the weather is dreary and you're stuck inside, make sure to take supplements so you meet your recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals. It's especially important to take vitamins C and D for a strong immune system.


Continue Practicing Good Hygiene  

Although the worldwide pandemic may appear to be less of a problem today, you still don't have an excuse to abandon all of your previous good hygiene practices.


Remember to wash your hands frequently (or use hand sanitizer when running water and soap are not accessible), don't go out if you're feeling sick, and wear a mask in crowded areas to avoid the spread of viruses.

Get Your Flu Shot  

With people returning to in-person work and school, the likelihood of the winter flu's spread has increased compared to when lockdowns were still implemented during the height of the coronavirus. So, it would be beneficial for you to get a flu shot as early as possible for your health and to protect others who live with you.


Stay Hydrated  

It's simpler to remember to drink water in the summer than in the fall and winter, which is why you'll find many people drink less water as the weather cools down. When it's hot outside, you sweat out a lot of your body's water through your skin, which stokes your thirst and prompts you to drink plenty of water.


Without a doubt, continuing to drink water regularly will help your immune system during the colder months. Here's a neat trick: buy an exciting, vibrant water bottle and fill it up with clean water each morning. Then, take your bottle with you everywhere you go - to work, the gym, or even your nightstand. Having a water bottle readily accessible will encourage you to maintain up those essential sips of H2O, which may benefit your immune system all year.


Look After Your Smile  

Who would have guessed that maintaining good dental health is critical to your long-term well-being? Looking after your teeth, however unusual it may seem, is one of the finest methods to ensure that you remain healthy and fit for the rest of your life.


This is because tooth-related concerns such as tooth decay, cavities, and more can have serious consequences for other organs in your body, including your heart. So get onto scheduling an appointment with your dentist right now.


Protect Your Health When the Temperatures Drop  

There are many easy ways to stay healthy during fall and winter, and we discussed some of the best ones in our guide. Following tips like drinking lots of water, exercising outside, and taking supplements will make you feel great during the cold seasons!


And now, relax and get ready for your healthiest cold season with advice from Liv Multifamily.

Woman stretching on a cold snowy day.